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Hiking Μap Zagori, Valia Kalda and Metsovo 1:40 000

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Hiking Μap Zagori, Valia Kalda and Metsovo 1:40 000

Hiking map for Zagori, Valia Kalda and Metsovo in a scale of 1:40 000

Zagori - Metsovo - Valia Kalda 1:40 000 map comprises all recent outdoor activity in the area. More than 10 mountain professionals collaborated for its update. This map is really the necessary tool for anyone traveling in the area. It does not replace Zagori 1:50 000 which has trail descriptions on the back.

North Pindos on both sides of the map. One side for the steep shiny limestone mountains, deep gorges and stone villages of Zagori. And the other for the labyrinth of dark mountains and beautiful forests that surround Valia Kalda. Imposing and majestic mountains, the last refuge for both wildlife and those seeking the serenity of age-old forests and crystal clear water. An inexhaustible field for hiking on monumental stone paths and arched bridges or hidden goat trails.

Map reference code 3.1/6.4

Publication date 2020

Scale 1:40 000

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  • Ορειβασία - Πεζοπορία
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